7 definitions by Matthew Darke

Short term for "Ham sandwich." Usually spoken in an attempt to sound less intelligent and/or cute. Sometimes used unintentionally by children.
I need to buy some cheese so I can make me a hamsamich!
by Matthew Darke February 28, 2003
Term generously applied to oneself to make oneself feel better, and to mask the fact that one's head is so far up one's ass that they can't apply nor comprehend common logic; i.e., someone who ruins online roleplay by criticizing it, when the term "oldbie" originated on AIM via roleplay. Nearly always self applied status, as practically no one would call another an oldbie unless asked.
"ROFL HAHA LOL I'm an oldbie you stupid n00b."

Translation: I have no life and am making an outcry by calling myself an oldbie, and trying to insult you.
by Matthew Darke March 26, 2003
AOL slang for "Back the fuck off." Usually used in conjunction with other internet short hand or "l33t" termage.
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003
Shorthand term for people originating in Oklahoma. Usually associated with rednecks. See redneck.
That stupid Okie tried to steal my cow.
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003
Overly excited in a sexual manner. See also horny.
Do I make you randy, baby? Do I?
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003
To grind one's genitalia in a press-and-release pattern against a particular object or surface; usually associated with an inanimate object.
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003