Gamer girl who is a fan of the band Lemon Demon.
"Ranboo is a very cool streamer, and has the best music taste"
by josiestar22 March 2, 2021
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A Minecraft Enderman; Simply Known As ‘The Protagonist
“How tf did this manchild Ranboo get simped all the way to internet fame in only a couple months?” -Literally Everyone
by Tavically March 5, 2021
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The hero we needed, but don't deserve.
Person 1: Did you hear about Ranboo?
Person 2: Oh, you mean the person that broke Twitch?
Person 1: Yeah!
by plzmaketoast February 20, 2021
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this is for all the fictives with the name ranboo! enjoy the feeling of finding ur name on the urban dictionary!!!!

ranboos are actually REALLY sweet. like, really sweet. theyre really funny, always can crack the most hilarious jokes no matter what. like actually theyre all so funny and they always find a way to crack me up. alot of them have anxiety, but thats okay! make sure to always help your ranboo in need! They usually get more confident when it comes to situations where someone is being descriminated against, however ive seen some who dont, but thats perfectly fine! : anyways, no matter what if you meet a ranboo theyre ALWAYS just an over all really amazing person. no matter which ranboo they are, they’re just always just a genuine person!
Person: oh you have an introject of ranboo?
System: yeah!
person: ranboo must be really nice! :
by thetrenchsystem June 18, 2021
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Funny ha ha Minecraft man who attracts the gays
Person: do you know the twitch streamer ranboo

Person 2: of course I know who he is he’s my favorite streamer
by Ranboo my beloved10 April 29, 2021
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