the only g̲enderman that gives me severe gender envy.
friend: yo hi alex
alex: what
freind:have u watched ranboos recent stream its so good
alex:omg yes he gives me SEVERE gender envy.
by gay enby May 23, 2021
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Ranboo tall man, very tall CHAIR MAN! Lots of gender 123888888... yes! Ranboo my
Joe Biden: Ran!oblooo!
Ranboo: skirt skirt
by shart circle May 18, 2021
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A little bit of a newer member part of the DreamSMP and friends with mainly Tubbo. He also has not yet done a face reveal but in a stream he says that he might soon because he has plans for the summer to do vlogs and it would be annoying to keep on making sure that you can't see his face. Also he is an enderman and has silk touch hands and lava doesn't give him that much damage unless he stays in it for a while.
Guy1: Hey did you see Ranboo stream last night?
Guy2: yeah everyone thought he was in the U.K!
Guy1: I was one of them!
by E1$ie May 23, 2021
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