A fandom on twitter for the twitch minecraft streamerRanboo
I love being in bootwt
by Ranboolive January 12, 2021
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bootwt prom is prom for people inside of bootwt which will be on the 26th of may, the same day as bootwt selfie day. you can wear a suit or a dress or anything you're comfortable in, take pictures and get a date (even if its /p) just like a normal prom!!
ranboo stan 1: are you going to bootwt prom?

ranboo stan 2: of course!! wanna go together??
ranboo stan 1: yess!!
by imverycool22 May 7, 2021
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"bootwt we should tweet 'Happy Birthday Ranboo' as a joke. I think it would be funny."
"boober: hey can I get some pet photos? I'm feeling kinda anxious. bootwt: *spams with pet photos*"
by PotatoLive March 1, 2022
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