A great artist that you should listen to if you're into weird-ish pop songs
Person: My favorite album from Lemon Demon is Spirit Phone.
by MidoriWasHere January 3, 2021
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A convenient way to come out as gay to your friends and family.
- Mom, dad, I'm gay.
- We know, son, we saw your Lemon Demon t-shirt
by Alexlalpaca November 19, 2020
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Lemon Demon is an independant music artist who has a garnered a large Internet fanbase ever since he started the Lemon Demon website in 2003. It's a bit difficult to pin down which genre of music he creates, but it's mainly strange, irreverant, upbeat-with-a-touch-of-dementia pseudo-pop. Since 2003, Lemon Demon has produced and released four albums, titled:

-Clown Circus (April 2003)
-Live from the Haunted Candle Shop (July 2003)
-Hip to the Javabean (March 2004)
-Damn Skippy (March 2005)

His upcoming fifth album, titled "Dinosaurchestra," is slated to be released on July 20, 2006.

His songs have inspired Flash artists to make music videos to some of his songs, including "Geeks In Love" (from Damn Skippy), "The Ultimate Showdown" ("The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny;" will be a track on Dinosaurchestra), "Ebaum's World Dot Com" (unsure; currently in "Miscellaneous" section of website), "I've Got Some Falling to Do" (from Hip to the Javabean), and "Hyakugojyuuichi Forever!" ("Hyakugojyuuichi 2003;" from Clown Circus) along with some others not mentioned on his website.

You can order the last two albums from www.lemondemon.com.
Just for clarification, Lemon Demon is a single person: Neil Cicierega, a.k.a. Trapezoid, a.k.a. the creator of Animutation.
by whatdoyoucare July 7, 2006
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Lemon Demon is a band that has a large following, mostly on the internet. They are most famous for the song The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which is in turn most famous for the popular flash animation that achieved high fame on the website Newgrounds. They are also famous for being pioneers in the anti-eBaum's World movement, by alerting the general public with an informative song, with flash animation to go with it.
I was walking down the street, when I heard some awesome music. I used my ears to see where it was coming from, and walked into the store, which happened to be a music store. I said "man, what's that badass music?". The guy at the music store said "you don't know that band? That's Lemon Demon!".
by Vintic aka Elliot June 25, 2006
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1. a demonic citrus fruit

2. A popular band on the internet
1. Oh snap! a lemon demon just possessed my sprite

2. "Who wrote The Ultimate Showdown?"

"some band named lemon demon"
by Gabe262626 November 27, 2007
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1. The second music project by Neil Cicierega, best known for his song "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny".
2. That monster guy from Friday Night Funkin', which has the nickname "Lemon Demon" despite him not even being a lemon, just shaped like one.
I love Lemon Demon! He makes the best songs!
by TheJeffShow June 10, 2021
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Street Fighter V's inputs are so loose that one can simply hold forward and wash their hands across all of their buttons to perform Akuma's Raging Demon. Doing this in such an unskilled manner will forever be known as the "lemon demon".
Anthony sucks ass at fighting games. He woke me up with the god damn lemon demon and I lost somehow.
by Ethan, Tony, Nick July 13, 2018
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