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"I put our names together, so now the car is called RAm Rod"... " CAR RAM ROD GO!"
by ILL-MENTAL October 22, 2003
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A metal or wooden device used with early firearms to push the projectile up against the propellant. (typically gunpower)

Additional tools could be added to the ramrod, for uses such as cleaning out the barrel or removing a jammed bullet.
Using a ramrod, the soldier forcefully secured the charge in the back of his musket's barrel.
by Uncle Solly November 14, 2015
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verb: to ram a some sort of long, thin, fairly cylindrical object into some sort of opening or hole. can have sexual connotations (as in, this aforementioned "rod" is a "meatrod"), but can also be used to describe such actions as sharpening a pencil, connecting a plug, etc.
1) He finally became angry after having been ramrodded over 73 times with a pencil during class.

2) Person 1: Turn the stereo on, man!
Person 2: Just a sec, I've gotta ramrod it.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
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