A weak, spineless, gutless individual.
Origin of this phrase is not know though it appears in "A Thief in the Night - A Book of Raffle's Adventures" by Ernest William 1861-1921.
"You little rabbit!" he chuckled. "You shall have your share, whether you come or not; but, seriously, don't you think you might remember the girl?"
Rugby football coach to boy with the ball feigning bravery on the field "Run you little rabbit!"
by Henley July 20, 2007
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a mean rabbit who likes to bop field mice on the head. who was turned into a goon by the "the good fary"
mouse< u bop'ed me on the head little fu fu rabbit
by mastert7_77 [\\\/\///] December 9, 2006
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@dannylittlerabbit is a boy just dancing and singing on Instagram. Let's go and find him.
Danny Little Rabbit likes to dance kpop songs.
by Skrt baby April 29, 2020
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