An ancient hand gesture suggesting that the roof is being raised by ones awesomeness. This almost extinct gesture can still be found in rare cases by middle aged douchebags, bald overweight men, and circus folk.
That five dollar hooker blew me better than that homeless guy. Raise the roof yall.
by Bagggz January 20, 2015
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A once commonly used rappers phrase that has been stolen by Christian people that think they're cool. Usually followed by crunk, even though they don't know it's about getting high and drunk.
Jesus is in the ho-ouse. Raise the roof, we're going to get it crunk in here.
by wong August 27, 2003
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1. Another way of saying, "I am a faggot and a poser. Please shoot me."

2. A pathetic attempt of acting cool.

3. A way to embarrass yourself and realize later on how stupid you were and feel full of regret.

*This is more often than not followed by a gesture of lifting or pushing something off one's shoulders.*
"Yo, yo, let's raise da roof!"
by Correct May 19, 2005
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