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Stands for Neo Culture Technology. Sounds like an innovation for robots but is actually a diverse boy group under SM Entertainment and is based in South Korea as of now with a limitless number of members. They debuted on April 9, 2016 with their song "The 7th Sense" (NCT U). NCT 127 is based in Seoul. NCT Dream is a subunit exclusively for younger, underage members.

Taeil - Vocalist, plays the guitar, lowkey NCT's dad

Johnny - Dancer/Vocalist (raps occasionally), likes imitating parrots

Taeyong - Leader/Rapper/Dancer/Visual/Face of the Group (sings occasionally), looks cold but is actually very sweet

Yuta - Dancer/Vocalist (raps occasionally), has a killer smile

Doyoung - Vocalist, looks like a bunny

Ten - Dancer/Rapper/Vocalist, has cringey but charming predebut moments

Jaehyun - Vocalist/Rapper, has lived in America for 4 years

Winwin - Dancer/Visual (sings occasionally), an actual acrobat

Mark - Rapper/Vocalist, is in every subunit so far

Renjun - Vocalist, is a skillful drawer

Jeno - Dancer/Vocalist/Visual, has an adorable eye smile

Haechan - Dancer/Vocalist, prankster

Jaemin - Rapper (sings occasionally), unfortunately has a herniated disc in his back so he's on hiatus until he recovers fully

Chenle - Vocalist, has a high pitched laugh that resembles a dolphin

Jisung - Dancer/Vocalist (raps occasionally), can pop and lock it real good
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about NCT's rumored subunit which might debut this month?
Person 2: Hell yeah I did! Mark is most likely going to be in this one, too. I mean, what do expect?
by peachyungs April 16, 2017
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Stands for Neo Culture Technology and has a LIMITLESS amount of members:

Taeyong: leader, rapper, dancer, vocalist, visual, booms the system (ty track)
Taeil: vocalist, is under appreciated, and plays guitar
Johnny: rapper, dancer, vocalist, from Chicago, likes impersonating parrots, "oh daddy", has a lisp
Yuta: vocalist, rapper, dancer, mountain man, mocks everyone
Kun: "fat Kun" - Lucas 2k18, possibly auditioned with magic
Doyoung: vocalist, plays flute, bunny, Vroom Vroom Talk Show
Ten: vocalist, dancer, rapper, "where's my hair?", from Thailand
Jaehyun: vocalist, dancer, rapper, lived in America for 4 years, "I just want some milk", aka Jeffery
Win Win: dancer, vocalist, "Woop Woop", also under appreciated
Jungwoo: vocalist, rapper, dancer, looks like Taemin from SHINee, cannot say "skrrt", is very handsome, quite
Lucas: rapper, dancer, vocalist, Lucas Bieber, hella extra, wants to be in DREAM
Mark: rapper, dancer, Canada Eh!, looks 13 but is really 18, a whole meme, raps in his sleep, in all sub units, "long ass ride"
Renjun: vocalist, draws moonmin, likes Avatar
Jeno: dancer, vocalist, rapper, actually apart of Kings men, likes acting, allergic to cats but has 3
Haechan: vocalist, dancer, insults members
Jaemin: rapper, vocalist, dancer, visual, likes fried chicken, was hurt but is ok now
Chenle: vocalist, screams in dolphin, talks mandarin in his sleep
Jisung: dancer, rapper, vocalist, baby of NCT, pops & locks, breaks everything
NCT are ruining my life
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pure group of dirty minded very attractive asian man who are all gays for each other
ty track ty track is the biggest gay of nct
by ncxty or biggest hoe on this s October 22, 2018
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a korean boyband formed by sm entertainment with unlimited members. if you want to learn names, sucks to be u because u will never lolololo.
pErSoN: OH THAt bOyBAnd WItH uNLiMIted MemBERS??
PerSON: I WannA StAn bUT tOo mucH NameS tO LEarN
NCTzEN: im da biggest hit
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by lynbae November 04, 2018
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NCT = Neo Crackheads Technology
NCT = Neo Culture Technology
p1 : wow! have you heard the new NCT 2018 song? Black on black!
p2 : Wow! but I haven't I should check it out asap!
by Jisung pWark November 13, 2018
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An abbreviation for Nobody Cares Though.
Often used on twitter in conjunction with a hashtag (#)

eg. #NCT
twitter A:My head hurts #NCT
twitter B:I care
by projectmorph August 13, 2011
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