a dancing motion where by the participant pushes both hands up in the air, as if performing a soulful military press with the hands open and facing up towards the ceiling. usually done in groups. also see douchebag.
lets raise da roof yall
by hazzi January 11, 2003
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'to half ass something, to fuck up something important'

based on one nct 2020 performance in which lucas forgot the choreography while in the center position
'Oh man, look at Lucas, he's about to raise the roof'
by torinator127 December 23, 2021
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phrase used to express a desire to get a party started. Often followed by the phrase "off the hook."
Let's raise the roof until this party is off the hook!
by Scarface December 27, 2002
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The roof represents the limitations that loom over us all. "Raise the roof" begs we work together to increase our mutual potential rather than oppressing competition.
Let's raise the roof, my enemy; the glass ceiling is keeping us all down.

See the Glass Ceiling Act, as part of Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 199l.
by Rev. Thomas Scott Painter November 3, 2003
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An ergonomic way of expressing mass awesomeness by pushing up the air. Meaning the air can't even touch you because your cause of celebration is immesurable or you are about to bust some "wicked ass".
The Ultimate Warrior breathes slowly like a maniac and signals to himself and the crowd a couple of "raise the roof"'s right before he layeth the gorilla press and body splash on his foolish opponent.
by JayCrisis!! June 2, 2006
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A motion contained usually of pointing the hands upwards and pushing ''rasing'' in such a matter. Used at weddings and bat mitvahs and anywhere else a person can be a total fool in public.
Ooh a Jay-Z song man raise the roof *starts pushing his hands like an idiot''
by DizzyLizzy January 16, 2007
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A once commonly used rappers phrase that has been stolen by Christian people that think they're cool. Usually followed by crunk, even though they don't know it's about getting high and drunk.
Jesus is in the ho-ouse. Raise the roof, we're going to get it crunk in here.
by wong August 27, 2003
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