An employee who creates a significant amount of new business to a company. This term is often used in the context of a financial services company, such as a brokerage.
We need to hire a rainmaker to bring our business up from a slump of no sales.
by dan July 25, 2003
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1. a powerful and successful representative or agent who generates a lot of unexpected business, especially a law firm

2. a ball hit very high to the outfield or beyond the fence
They were once a rainmaker, but they are now bankrupt.
by The Return of Light Joker April 2, 2009
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A woman who ejaculates during orgasm
I thought she peed on me, but she was just a rainmaker
by Peach November 28, 2004
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Military slang for a multiple-barreled rocket artillery launcher like the MLRS or the Soviet 'Katusha'.
"You could even hear the shrieking of the battery's 'rainmakers' inside the thick hull of the tank."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
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one who makes a surplus amount of three pointers in basketball
you know that nigga chad


he a rainmaker
by jackmehoff1234 May 25, 2007
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The act of wandering in the desert, searching for the truth, whilst a choir of angels calls out one's name.
And I know of the pain that you feel the same as me. And I dream of the rain as it falls upon the leaves.
And the cracks in our lives like the cracks upon the ground. They are sealed and are now washed away...
by the bg August 20, 2004
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A shot on the Wii Sport Tennis game where the ball is hit so hard, you can see the air being travelled behind it like a cloud.
Evan: "Whoa! Ha! Rainmaker hit by Anna!"
Austin: "Shut up, we're still beating you!"
by Anna Hedgehog June 12, 2008
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