Rage: The act of drinking excessively, spending lots of money, causing destruction, and fucking your life up in the course of a single night. Consequences of a rage typically consist of loss of memory, STD's, unwanted children with fat chicks, depleted bank accounts, fights, break ups, drunken calling and texts, loss of vehicle in Vegas parking lots, and next day facebook posts of FML!

Rag-ing: The action verb used to describe event s occurring during a "rage" night.
We decided to rage in San Diego and ended up fucking an ugly chick in the hotel hallway while spectators cheered us on. We had the sickest rage last night, woke up in Vegas next to a stripper or hooker or sloppy illegal citizen, lost my keys, lost my wallet, shit my pants, and pretty sure nachos were involved in my life at some point.
by Victor Valen January 15, 2011
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A deadly virus studied in a labratory at Cambridge Univeristy. The virus was a man made result of extensive clinical tests given on primates in 2000-2002. Symptoms of this virus include reddening of the iris and sclera (cornea), bleeding from the eyes, bloody vomit, cannibalism, and jerky, impluse actions.

This viral infection is transmitted though bodily fluids. Almost all people recieve this infection from being bit by an infected person and are fully infected between ten and twenty seconds. Exposing this virus to anyone is exremeley dangerous and prohibitted by law. Knowledge of an outbreak during 2002 throughout the United Kingdom made headlines across the globe and shut down all research concerning this virus. The United Kingdom was quarantined for 28 weeks until U.S. led nato forces allowed reentry for citizens.

Two people were found with genetic immunities to the infection. Both died shortly after identification.
Zack: "Jee, I'm awful glad my parents sent me on this people-to-people trip to the U.K. Now my whole tour group is infected with rage and chasing me. Fuck my lifeee!"
by Gaspard Ulliel February 28, 2009
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an abbreviation of the name of the band "rage against the machine" , a rap metal/hip hop rock band of the mid-late 90's, a rabble rousiong, riot inducing, system destroying powerhouse, the inspiration of a generation, and all round anarchic motherfuckers. this is one band thats going down in the history books.
" yo, check da new rage album man, that shit is da madnotes!"
"word, bitch, i got that shit, dat is some fuckin class tunes"
by alan the clit commander. August 05, 2003
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The act of being a whiny bitch when playing a video game. Loudly swearing, complaining, insulting and/or tossing around blatantly untrue accusations of cheating, hacking, or unfair gameplay when losing at a video game. Most prominent in matches of Call of Duty online multiplayer. Used mostly by babies as a shield to avoid being "unfairly" labeled as babies. Regarded by babies as an appropriate substitute for proper methods of venting or simply growing the hell up. Sometimes regarded simply as an appropriate and constructive way to pass time by immature assholes.
I'm not being a baby I just rage a little sometimes...

I'm not an immature asshole, I'm just raging cause this lobby's full of niggers...
by Boomhedshotzzz April 13, 2013
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An alcoholic drink with copious amounts of energy drink and other ingredients. Rage is only Rage if it is stored in an empty milk jug and if one can feel the Rage in their veins.

"Hey you hepcats! Drink the new swinging beverage, Rage! It will put you in a wide awake nightmare!"
The Original Rage Recipe

5 shots of Tequila

3 shots of Vodka

2 Five Hour Energy Drinks

1 Amp energy drink

Splash of Mountain Dew

Splash of Orange Juice

Splash of Margarita Mix (unfrozen)

Lemon Juice to taste

Mix in empty milk jug. Let refine for 2 to 3 days. Drink. Tear flesh from bones.
by Bozo Hardon June 07, 2011
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Winning. Partying like you mean it. Often involves house music or dubstep at fantastically high volume and flailing. The act is called raging while those who partake and also the venue are sometimes called ragers. Similar to a rave. Ought to involve glowsticks.
I think we might be raging!
Dude, I just want to rage.
by retsasid May 01, 2011
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