When having sex with a girl doggy style and you stick your thumb in her ass while grabbing one ass cheek, then rotating your hand and grabbing the other ass cheek. Much like turning the steering wheel of a car. You are then driving the cab.
She let out a deep moan when I stuck my thumb in her ass and gave her a cab driver
by cadman79 July 10, 2008
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Cocktail. Vodka & Cabernet Savignon on ice. Like a Screwdriver, only instead of orange juice, it's got Cabernet, ergo "Cab Driver". Get it?
Wash the dishes, rake up the dog crap, and make me a Cab Driver. Not in that order.
by Ellie Gallalion June 07, 2007
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Guy 1: "I-I be fffucked up yo."

Guy 2: "Call a-a-a cab brooo."

Cab Driver: "Ah shit."
by Skigz August 18, 2010
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When one performs or lets loose what he/she thinks to be a fart, and turns out to be a little wet turd that is squishy and warm between the cheeks. If left unattended, this mush may become rather irritable, uncomfortable, and smelly. This always results in a mess and sometimes may soil one's undergarments. One may relate this occurrence to a real life cab drivers ass.
Dude, totally have to change my boxers I got cab drivers ass.

What in SAM hell is that smell, Brian you got cab drivers ass again?
by Milosivich January 17, 2009
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1. to repay someone sexually
2. sexcapades
3. any sexual act with an unknown person
I didn't have any money so I just payed the cab driver.

This weekend I payed the cab driver with a random guy on the street.

Last night I was paying the cab driver when my boyfriend walked in.
by natsimvia March 01, 2009
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The act in which you are driving a couple home in the backseat of your car and as she straddles her partner you formally invite yourself into a threesome by reaching back while driving and fingering her from behind.
"Dude, I gave this girl The Indian cab driver for 20 minutes last night and her boyfriend had no idea!"
by Comeaudo July 11, 2014
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Noun. Pathology.

1. The condition of painful burning in between the butt cheeks caused by the mixture of fecal matter accidentally expelled during a previous farting fit and sweat pooling up between them over an extended period of time. Symptoms of localized pain elsewhere, such as the parts with the most weight or folding are also common. Almost exclusively happens while sitting in an uncomfortably hot environment.

2. An extreme advancement of Swamp Ass. Most fatal cases are preceded by an untreated shart.


A case of cab driver's ass; inevitable: If you don't stuff some paper between those cheeks, you're gonna get a case of cab driver's ass.


Truck Driver's Ass, Semi Booty, Fat Fan Syndrome
"It was a long trip.. I finally got the kids to Disney Land, but the air conditioner quit working ten minutes into the drive and when I got there I had a flaming case of the cab driver's ass. I was so miserable, I flipped Mickey Mouse off and told Donald Duck to put on some damn pants. Did you know the Epcot Center has a secret dungeon? Yeah, security took me there."
by finalphoenix March 01, 2014
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