Swahili (African dialect) for friend. Used as the name of an unusual baboon in the Disney film, Lion King.
Jambo, rafiki! What's shakin?
by Tensai no Ero November 12, 2004
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(v.) rafiki

to smear semen across someone's forehead, much like in the Disney movie when Rafiki marks Simba across the forehead.
Yo, that nigga rafiki'ed me last night.
by Yang Zhou December 1, 2007
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a term used by a select group of students when attempting to make someone laugh uncontrollably

for some this word is interchangeable with googalie eyes

little is known as to why they cause uncontrollable laughter as new words are discovered at random every week
"Hey David, guess what man."
*David proceeds to laugh uncontrollably*
by Fa-Rhino April 10, 2009
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A penis with an enlarged cliterous on top of it.
Freddy Mecury couldnt decide who he wanted to take out on a date, male or female, so he decided to go to the sex shop, and buy a rafiki.
by Spirit Haus October 29, 2006
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Sexual position which is named after The Lion King's character Rafiki. It is often performed as an attempt to convince a girl not to let her cats walk in and out of a room while she's having sex in said room.

While having doggy-style sex, rafikiing is the act of discretely grabbing a cat, holding it with both hands over the partner's back and then suddenly yelling the first few lines of "the circle of life". While showing the cat to his new subjects, one usually thrustes his mate forward so she can bow properly and show her respect to the newborn king.
- Man I'm sick of my girlfriend's cat. They are everywhere. I mean we can't even have sex without a cat walking nearby...
- Have you tried rafikiing?
- Great idea! If that doesn't work, nothing will
by Garnovski December 10, 2012
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When a male ejaculates on a female's chest then takes 2 fingers and rubs them in the ejaculate, he then smears it across the woman's forehead while saying "Simba"
Eric totally did the rafiki to this chick last night.
by Eric69 December 18, 2007
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After having sex the male takes some of the cum and smears it across the partners forehead.
Dude! I totally Rafikied that girl last night.
by BBAT November 17, 2013
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