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(n) the act of exploring a neighboorhood with the express purpose of rummaging through people's trash or stuff set at the curb (usually in a vehicle for covering more ground, ease of removal) in order to find possibly valuable items; popular on weekends, nights before trash pickup
remember that lamp i found when we were out racooning last week? i found another one just like it at the thrift store yesterday!
by sdm125 August 28, 2010
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The act foraging for food late at night in your own kitchen while under the influence of marijuana. One must sneak about their kitchen searching for munchies while trying not to wake up others who are sleeping, such as parents, spouses or any other person that would not appreciate you waking them up as you search for food. One must look for food as quietly as possible by the light of an open refrigerator.
I woke my wife up last night when I was racooning. I accidentally slammed the microwave door after pulling out a really hot mini pizza.
by McKrautSki March 02, 2008
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A sexual act where a male visits a female's home, receives oral sex, and after climaxing, strikes her twice, once in each eye. He then immediately runs out of her house by way of the kitchen, where he knocks over her garbage can.
"I totally racooned Carla yesterday! I bet that black-eyed bitch had to spend an hour cleaning the kitchen after I left."
by phucvtec January 10, 2005
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When Your Wearing Mascara or Eyeliner, preferably black and if you cry or sweat, it starts to smudge and form black circles around your eyes which makes you look like a racoon.
I was so ra-cooning when i heard that he cheated on me.
by JayNora September 20, 2009
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The act of having mascara/eyeliner smudge or run around ones eyes, resulting in a racoon-like look.
"Yea man, so the other night I was it the shower with my girl and she started racooning! How do them ratchet chicks wear that shit!"

"when I broke up with Tess yesterday she started racooning before I was even done talking...what a mess of crying"
by dannybampants October 10, 2014
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