Local Malaysian Hot Sause, comes in many diffrent varieties, most popular being Sambal Belacan and Sambal Inkan Bilis
I need some sambal on my rice
by nick October 28, 2003
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The sambal burnt Billy on the way in and on the way out
by winney October 30, 2003
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Sambal actually is type of hot malaysia sauces. Increase your mood while eating. But, sambal also can be your favourite something. Next, sambal can be use as nick name to create someone special for you such as my sambal udang. Its mean fav person who full your day with smile.
Kim Hyun : You look so happy today!
Me : Yes! Because my sambal udang make me a lot of laugh today.
Kim Hyun : Arasso!
by Girosks December 27, 2016
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