'Queenz' meaning money.
This is mainly known in london because of Queen elizabeth on their money so just how an american may say that 'they have dat lincoln', people in uk would say 'Queenz'
Friend : ayo come meet me in the shop

Me: ay give me a sec im just grabbing dem queenz
by Mr KekeAtYoDoorWidDa44 March 3, 2018
A Song Written By. & Performed By. Sketch A Peaze

-White Queenz are The New Beyonces

-White Queenz are The Snowbunny Pawg

-They Are Better Then Any Other Women out there

Zero Maintenance
Zero Attitude
Zero Child Support
Zero Of Playing No Games

Zero Irrational
These Are Qualities That Makes White Queenz And There Perfection For Brotha's and Cholos Alike.
White Queenz is The Ivory Mother of the Earth, Stop Treating Her Dirt, White Queenz Is The Essence of The Social Network Universe Let Her Voice Be Heard

White Queenz Stay On Top No Stop, Cause There Are People That Want To Take Your Throne To Heart Your Soul
- Sketch A Peaze
by I.S Akbar December 6, 2018
kid from brooklyn - yo where u from
hot chick from queens - cop killa queenz, recognize, fool!
by snootch87 July 24, 2008
internet celebrities. hot girls who show up at every show and have connections. like scene queens but younger and hotter. they are still in high school.
the scene teen queenz are WAY hotter than the scene queenz.
by Mad-e-line September 11, 2006
Da b3st motha fukin g@ng out th3r3~!!
w3 b3at @ll d3m oth@ bitch3s &ho3s
p3ac3 outT
¢¾PQ ~ PQ ~ PQ ~ Pink Queenz ~ PQ ~ PQ ~ PQ¢¾
by P/Q December 3, 2007
Three really hot girls. They are the future of scene queenz. The best thing to happen since grilled cheese.
omg, i saw the scene teen queenz Raya, Jessica, and Diana at the show last night. i wish i was them.
by Jarlaxle September 10, 2006
Slime Queenz are people who outsold bts Olivia rodrigo and Cardi B
They are the most successful artist in the entire world.
“Slime Queenz outsold millions”
by ItzyChaeYunaLiaRyujinYeji August 20, 2021