a unicorn who is magical. it has wings and a horn. it has sparkley hair.
hey do u want to join the magical unicorn club?
YES!!! they are sooooo pretty!
by magicalUnicorn101 April 05, 2009
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A very rare species of unicorn, that can only found and riden by a person who has required the mystical candy canes.

The Magic Unicorns are known to have special powers that let them fly very fast, and have special healing powers, that let them heal their riders.

Magic Unicorns are also the only known cure for Nataliosis.
The magic unicorn flys so fast

I found the mystical candy canes, now I can get the magic unicorn!
by thesecretpersonthatrules January 07, 2009
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When a man and a woman or a man and a man have intercourse right before man A achieves orgasm the reciver gets under man A and places his genitallia on there forged and makes a unicorn like horn. Man A proceeded to orgasm and shoots a white rainbow off the horn.
I tried to do a Magic Unicorn on mike last night.
by Mcswaggfirenuts March 09, 2015
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