The speed at which you answer a text from your girlfriend, or the speed at which you send a text to your girlfriend first thing upon waking, even before taking a leak.
Hang on, let me answer this text.
Wow, dude, you answered that in pussywhipped speed! Must be from your girl!
by Rilla907 September 3, 2009
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When someone is pussywhipped before the prospect of even getting pussy.
Jordan was invited to church with her super-conservative family, he's trying to convince her parents she should be able to date him before she's 30. He is so pre-pussywhipped it hurts.
by Anonymysterious January 2, 2011
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An infectious disease that causes little fucks to be pussy whipped by their small big boobied girlfriends. Only 1 known case has ever documented.

OMFG did you hear Josh got pussywhippeditis and his balls fell off.
by Jon Stocker May 14, 2007
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A nigga controlled by Pusey he ain’t never gone touch
Mark stop dicksuckin them bitches you pussywhipped
by Baby Smoove November 15, 2021
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To be in the act of and/or have the intention of remaining a bitch for a prolonged state. When a mate becomes so whipped you lose all contact and friendship, only seeing them briefly in an unrecognisable state due to prolonged exposure of seeing their woman. Said woman can be a bitch or nice and cause the same problems although being nice will reduce initial fuck yous towards the girlfriend, however this is temporary and the fuck youse said to the girlfriend are an inevitable part of being a pussy whipped little bitch. If fuck yous are deployed by the boys towards the girlfriend the man must not interfere and wait until her trial is over.

In conclusion there is no resolve other then complete and absolute surrender of our mate.

Is Tom not coming?
He said he was?
he’s with his woman of course…. Pussywhipped.
by Kttxus March 25, 2022
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when you ask your friend if can they hang out, and you say no because you're to busy eating some PUSSY!
Bill:"Hey can you hang out this weekend?"
John: "No, my girlfriend said I can't

Bill: "Dude you're Pussywhipped"
John: No I'm not!"
Bill: "Yeah right"
by Darkpoet32 June 22, 2022
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Marco keeps going back to this girl that doesn’t like him. He’s pussywhipped AND a dumbass
by Digbick727281 March 19, 2019
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