The gesture towards egalitarianism made by a bartender or server when
he or she asks for ID from everyone in a group, even though only one person in
the group actually appears to be underage.
"Becca's 29, but since she looks like she's about 16, we all got the
sympathy card."
by Lindemann January 3, 2008
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an underwelming jester of guilt.
I know you're going through the deepest sadness in your life, here's a picture of a daffodil, hope it all works out for you.
That's why i should have my own sympathy card company. On the front would be a duckbilled platypus playing checkers with a rhino, and in the back round there would be a hot dog holding up a lemonade stand at gun point. When you opened it, it would just say "the world is messed up, man."
by sceneduck April 26, 2006
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A holiday card you get just because you sent one to someone who didn't care enough about you to send one first. Usually arrive around December 24th.
Honey, that loser Shawn sent us a Christmas card again, I guess we should send him a Sympathy Card.
by Wuzanuke January 1, 2009
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