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Somebody who you can't trust, fake-friend

Made popular by Dizzee Rascal
Why you rolling with that pussyole?
Moving with that pussyole?
You know that he’s a pussyole
I showed you he’s a pussyole
He’s always been a pussyole
So he’ll always be a pussyole
But you’re still with that pussyole
You must be a pussyole

Dizzee Rascal - Pussyole (Oldskool)
by A.D.8 August 15, 2007
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pussy ole is a boy who is scared to do anything, and acts like a prik. and the hole refers to a vagina hole. so basically its like calling som1 vagina hole. lool
oi look at dat pussy ole, he cant even jump the fence.
by L&S G July 14, 2009
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Little wanker who thinnks he is bad, usually an ethnic
Pussyole: I gonna come round your house and fucking smash you cunt

Badman: Fuckoff man you wont do shit

Pussyole: I'll get all my boys on to you you'll get smashed cunt

/nothing happens
by brapppppppppppppp December 17, 2009
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The sort of person that is annoyingly nice. So nice to the point they make you feel sick.
These people won't properly partake in any risky or exciting activity and if they do they somehow manage to automatically make the activity lame.

These people will never be able to gain repect from anyone vaguely worthwhile
Person #1 'It's really windy, let's go windsurfing'
Pussy 'ole #1 'Let's do a theory session on going upwind!'

*Baywatch is playing, standard tops off*

Pussy 'ole #1 'Oooooh we're all so naked!!!'
by Sluts-r-us November 03, 2011
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Someone who does not go out with their friends often using lame excuses.
Jacob "Chris are you coming out tonight"
Seb "No, I had a heavy one last night"
Jacob "Ahhh you pussy 'ole"
by James Carlton February 04, 2008
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A fucking little pansy little bitch that couldn't put up a fight with a slice of goat's cheese.
That kid's a pussy'ole

Come on then you pussy'ole

I suspect Michael Owen is a pussy'ole
by DrBrainMan May 29, 2012
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The act of making a popping action with your penis, fingers or phallic object in a vagina, the same one can make using a finger inside a cheek.
I pussyoled that girl at least five times last night, she absolutely loves good pussyoling!
by onlyo October 02, 2010
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