The first name of probably the sweetest, most adorable YouTuber in existence. She loves to bake, especially nerdy treats, is very neat and organized, can sing so beautifully, and is the sweetest person on the face of the earth, as well as one of the most beautiful. Happiness is blooming all around her, and she is an absolute ray of sunshine. She also loves animals, especially her adorable French bulldog named Cookie. Her laughter and smile are contagious. She might as well be an official Disney Princess, honestly, because she's so much like one.

But don't mistake her for a pushover or a doormat. She's normally forgiving, but if you do something absolutely terrible, she will become savage. She is strong and fierce.

She is also a nerd, but nerds are cool and cute.

Always beware the short ones. We may look cute and sweet, but don't dare to cross us.
"Rosanna? She is so cute! But also absolutely strong and beautiful."

"Rosanna should be named an official Disney Princess."
by fandomgirl92 June 3, 2018
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A strong willed and very intelligent lady, who's compassion and love for others outweighs her need for perfection. At times, seems hard to please and like nothing is ever good enough, however this is due to her high and unrealistic standard of herself. Beautiful-Contagious-Leader, can draw you in with one look. Can make you feel like a million bucks as well as a piece of poop, all at the same time.

Insanely gorgeous and mysterious eyes...

Graceful Rose, a combination of the English names Rose and Anna.
That's such a Rosanna thing to do.

Crap, there goes Rosanna!~

by sanleero February 4, 2010
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A girl who is very caring for others. She will always put the people she cares about first, even if that means putting herself aside for them. She is a very highly intelligent person to. When she likes someone she will do basically everything for them, also the sight of that person will always make there day so much better. They are also quite pretty, there glasses make there eyes dreamy. and there body shape is fuckin great. But they like to cover it up cause they've been told some very disgusting things about themselves by people in there life that they thought would always be there for then not against them.
"WOW, look at her she such a Rosanna "

"yeah look at her eyes there so pretty "
by 069is delicious May 27, 2022
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A dumb bitch with no life that can’t get over Carl Gallagher because she got to attached to shameless and doesn’t stop talking about it.
Rosanna failed the test because instead of studying, she drank 4 cups of coffee and watched shameless all night
by Wheredothegayweinersgo? October 4, 2021
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a highly prude, yet sexually attractive, female that presents a facade of innocence. Usually found to be very active sexually with many individuals, both male and female.
Wow, she's a Rosanna.

Watch out, man, she'll pull a Rosanna on you.
by South High June 4, 2007
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A Rosanna Dick is a sex move - popular throughout Queensland, Australia, especially the Gold Coast.

A Rosanna Dick usually involves one partner being morbidly obese, and the sexual intercourse occuring on the beach.

During penertration, a Rosanna Dick occurs when the sand finds its way into the action thus causing a ''Ro(sand)anna Dick'
Nathan: Did you hear that chick that tried to have sex with that really fat man?

Emma: Yeah apparently while they were going at it they did a Rosanna Dick!
by sexwithsand November 20, 2009
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After a solid shagathon, cover your entire body in garlic butter and slide on the floor or any public space until you encounter a suitable lover. You must then shit on their genitals, suck it off their dick/pussy and vomit it into their mouth. If they are immediately sick they have to shag their dad.
I need a new lover, I might try the dirty rosanna
by Aasowhenyagonnabuymepizzabro September 7, 2021
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