A town of two states, where you can get teen pregnancy, drugs, and STDs all in the same day. In the fancy part of town you can see all the fake rich people, in the poor part you can find trashy girls that sleep with anyone with a big yeeyee truck and a crack pipe.
I went to Texarkana to buy some dope and I met some young girls who had some, so I gave them a baby in exchange for dope.
by Tabeeetheee February 21, 2019
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A town that is mixed with two states and gotta good name ant its a place to love and who ever said it wash a crappy town can kiss my ass cause they got it fucked up. they are nice people there and its crackin!
Texarkana real cant be fake we gotta different kinda swagger were mixed with 2 states got alot of money and we throw it in your face!
by Lil Smith 903 April 23, 2008
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A town between Texas and Arkansas. Tex, stands for Texas. Ark, stands for Arkansas. Ana, stands for Lousiana even though it is far away from Texarkana.
Texarkana is only the BEST town in all the world.
by RayRaRoo January 09, 2009
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A town on the border of Texas and Arkansas.

Well actually it's two towns, Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas. You can visit a sign that shows the state line at the post office downtown.

It's a pretty crappy town, overall.
I went to Texarkana and stood with one foot in Texas and one in Arkansas.
by gamergirl24 February 15, 2008
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When a man fucks a woman so hard that she has a flashback to kindergarten recess and then the man throws the woman across the room as if she fell off of a teeter totter.
Aye yo skylar, this girl said my dick game was weak so I hit er with the ole texarkana teeter totter!
by Txk717 December 19, 2017
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