austrian beer (Puntigamer)
gibst ma a punti!
heast jellinger, reich rüber das punti!
by rasmurchel January 17, 2022
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The genitalia of the femal specimen. Usually term commonly used by your kitty cat. *rawr*
Look at her punties, there so big!
by Alyssa’s Punties 101 March 23, 2019
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punty, adj, Describes a person who is short, and tries to make up for it by acting extremely angry and agressive towards taller people.
You will often times hear a punty person talking about how bad it sucks to be short.
Jay yelled at me today for what seemed like no reason. Later I heard him mumbling about how it sucked that he couldn't reach the cookies on the top shelf and no one would help him. He sure is a punty fellow.
by Jack Bass July 12, 2004
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An inhabitant of Puntland, the northeasternmost corner of the Horn, bordered to the west by Darwiishia, outlined in the Cordeaux 1908 Darwiish border, south by Galdmudug, to the southwest by Ogadenia and to the northeast by Guardafui Channel
her family celebrated the Punti anniversary
by readyforthemoon55 August 16, 2019
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Punti (poon-tea) = An all purpose word that can mean Anything and Everything or Everything and Anything
"im eating some punti" (fish)
"you smell like a punti" (shoe)
by Punti Man June 29, 2010
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