Someone who likes shagging Goats in their high mountains. Also is crap at snowboardering and computer games
Who's that person shagging a goat.... oh he must be austrian
by Zey October 22, 2003
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The species that lives in Austria. See Jägermeister.
Look how drunk these little Austrians are.
by jorg August 27, 2003
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1. Nag all the time just for the sake of it.

2. Spend more time on swearing that any other culture in the world.

3. They don't give a shit. AT. ALL.
Austrian: WAAAAAAAH! Heast oida, wos isn des füa a gefickte schesse. Wenn der deckschas laptop net sofort wieder arennt, donn brunz i auf de tastatur, i schwör.

Tourist: What did he say?

Guide: AAAAAAAAH! WTF??? What is this fucking bullshit. if that fucking laptop doesn't work right now i'm going to crap on the keyboard. i swear!

Tourist: ...

Guide: whatever.
by very.funny. November 29, 2011
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Those from Austria.
Those who are Austrians.
by Max0n October 9, 2007
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Someone who has an outrageously deep voice for their age, also follows people and then denies the fact that they are stalkers.
"What are you doing stop following me you austrianer!"
by WAMS GOT SKILLZ2700 January 21, 2010
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Common mistake for Australians.

Also: Humorous but eccentric group of people with an obsession for lederhosen, yodeling, and schnitzel. Famous for their love of skiing and hiking in the beautiful alpine scenery. Yodeling is a required course for Austrians in school, as demonstrated in "The Sound of Music".
Austrians are so hot. The key to befriending them is to bring them delicious food.
by amadeus.mozart January 28, 2023
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