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1. Backstabbing a friend to get with their girlfriend.

2. Not allowing their girlfriend to go out with friends, talk to certain people, or be anywhere outside of a 1 foot radius of him.

3. Making their girlfriend feel bad about things when he should feel bad about her friends disliking him.
So john is dating my ex now.

Damn, did he pull a richard?

Yeah, he pulled a richard.
by grims July 29, 2008
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To "pull a Richard" is the phrase used when one is dumped by his/her significant other and in turn becomes homosexual.
Jon: "Hey, Will, did you hear? Carter pulled a Richard!"
Will: "Really? I would never expect him of all people."

In this scenario Carter was dumped and went to pull a Richard.
by Cpl. Mooncalf June 10, 2016
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