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1. to overcome an extreme challenge or hardship with unbelievable grace and dignity; to do something unbelievably hard

2. to be made-over; dressed up looking significantly more sexy than on a daily basis.

tess: how the hell are you gonna deal with finals week?
katie: no clue, but i'm hoping to pull a jenny and ace them all


jim: holy hell, is that RACHEL?
ted: damn, she definitely pulled a jenny tonight
by jhy94 January 07, 2012
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To bail on friends after making a commitment to hang out with them. Comes from the movie Forrest Gump where the character Jenny constantly bails on Forrest.
What do you mean you can't make it; come on man; don't pull a Jenny on us.
by Barry Gutler September 10, 2009
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when a person who refuses to release gaseous emissions through burping has to get rid of excess gas flatulates very uncharacteristicly through the anus or the vagina.
"Yo did you just pull a Jenny? It smells RIDIKALUS!"
by Motorcycle Todd December 03, 2007
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