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A short form of pointer when speaking about the C programming language. It can also be a nickname for someone called Peter, since when pronouncing the letters of "ptr" one and one, it almost sounds like Pe-te-r.
How do I create a ptr that points to the free memory heap?
by pTr Bman June 19, 2005
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pussy tightness retention, a common term used for females who have small vaginal orifices. They are generally more successful in keeping a spousal partner because of their coital abilities.

The common belief is that women with larger shoe sizes have better PTR. This is a scientifically investigated fact.
Damn, that chick I banged all last month definitely had PTR. I just fucked her last night and she was tight!
by HotAssHo September 16, 2010
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Prime time rays. Time between 10am and 4pm when the sun is hottest, and you have the best chance of getting awesome sun rays. Prime time to get a killer tan.
Let's get that boat on the water ASAP, so we don't miss the PTRs.
by chisf October 27, 2014
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