When enthusiastically plowing a chick from behind, her face can easily get jammed into the bed/carpet/trunk of your car. Sometimes she will try to tell you "Get off me," but the words will be miraculously muffled - this will sound like she is saying "Get awesome."

So put up your arms, flex, and continue to do what you were doing, hands-free. If there is a mirror nearby, high-five it. This is the American Dream, and you are living it.
I was railing this chick the other night, and I was totally getting awesome like American Psycho. Then I smoked a cigar with general Patton.
by Chikin Thuggit December 7, 2007
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'get awesome' is thought to be the newest urban legend, but it is in fact true-(this guy I know knows this kid who...) THere is a dude and a chick hanging at a party and they get fucked up drunk. One thing leads to another and they end up upstairs doing sex. She sobers up realizing what's happening and she says "get off me," and he starts flexing his muscles. At this point she starts freaking out screaming and shit and says what the fuck are you doing!? ANd he says
'what you told me to get awesome'
'hey man don't pass out, its time to get awesome.'
by sockrocker January 8, 2004
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the use of recreational drugs to become "high" either through weed or any illegal substance
dude lets have some fun tonight, i got some weed for us to get awesome with!
by t-dog05091993 June 15, 2010
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Vomiting, esp. while drunk.
Johnny's had a bit too much to drink; he's in the bathroom getting awesome.
by nonamenumberthree September 13, 2005
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1. v. To strip down and flex one's muscles, most commonly done under the effects of alcohol in order to impress one's lady-friend.

2. n. The first and only CD recorded by Bloomington power-trio, "The Scopes Funky Trial", featuring such hits as "Braincar" and "Everybody!".
Dave got awesome in the back-room for Tammy, but she laughed in his face, spewing beer all over him.

Get Awesome was nominated for 3 Grammies in 2007.
by Aaron Sizzle July 26, 2005
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1.)While one is partaking in sexual relations, one flexes his muscles, screams "GET AWESOME" in the manliest voice possible, ejaculates, then leaves without bringing the female to climax. Best done on one night stands.

2.)An interjection used prior to any event that may be epic.

This phrase is thought to originate from the muffled screams of "get off me" from a female that is taking it from behind and has her face accidentally shoved into a pillow or mattress. When muffled and in the moment, these screams sound like the phrase "get awesome" and the only appropriate response is to flex your muscles and cum.

2.)Eric totally got awesome on Rachel last night.

3.)Did you see me get awesome back there?
by Thunderdick August 2, 2008
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When some people drink they become sad, miserable, assholes, violent or bitches.

For those who become a greater form of thier previous self...they don't get drunk, They Get Awesome
by Mr. Ed 716 September 24, 2011
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