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Better than Captain Kirk. Mastered the art of Facepalming.
Not to say Captain Kirk isn't cool. But bitch, Captain Picard has the X-Men on his side.
by nighthawk41 May 07, 2009
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The process of searching a building for an empty bathroom. A successful bowl search typically relieves the frustration of uncomftorably defecating around others, although in less frequent cases the desire to urinate alone is a factor. Bowl searching can be done anywhere although it is most prevelant on college campuses.
"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

"Sam went to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago. Jeez, what's taking so long?"

"He's probably bowl searching."
by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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The captain of the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701D. The best fucking Starfleet captain (next to kirk...duhhh...). Probably the only captain that would be able to face down Captain Kirk and live to tell about it.
(Speaking about First Officer)
Captain Picard: He's a tyrannical martinet who will never, ever allow me to go on away missions.
Data: That is the regulation, sir. Starfleet code section 12, paragraph 4...
Picard: Mr. Data...
Data: Sir?
Picard: Shut up.
Data: Yes, sir.
Picard: to the wedding guests 15 years I've been waiting to say that.
by XxNight_Fury April 24, 2011
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Slang for Child Porn
Originated as a more subtle way to talk online about Child Porn, or CP, without moderators or adimns noticing.
"Anyone got any Captain Picard?"
by Captain Picard April 29, 2008
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