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the victims of a highly classified operation devised by some jealous intelligent apes who wanted to bring down humans from the top of the food chain and rise them self.
ape general: how is our vegetarianism propaganda doing?
ape 1: sir, more and more humans are becoming vegetarian ...the rate has doubled since last week
ape general: keep working ape, the rise of the planet of apes is OOONNN!!
by yesitsgd November 25, 2015
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some fancy combination of words usually protected by two quotation marks one at the beginning and other at the end. which when used to sounds cool ,intellectual and legitimate .
mom : go read some books dumb ass !
ninja son: but mom , i want to be the best ninja..
mom: (proverb) " pen is mightier than sword" son.
ninja son: yeah right!! you win.
mom: (proverb)"mother knows best"
by yesitsgd November 25, 2015
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