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Prepubescent girls who already dress like whores
by gg July 31, 2003

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A person of african american decent. Also see nigger
Damn blue gums stole me bicycle
by GG January 24, 2004

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my favorite band...they kick nuts...coheed an cambria are the best!!
jimmy:i love justin timberlake
me:{smack, punch, bang} coheed and cambria is way better than that pussy...
by gg November 27, 2003

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Real, actual, true
Man for rilla I could killa gorilla
by GG January 06, 2004

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Condition which occurs when too small of a bra size is worn, effectively dissecting the breasts and giving the appearance of 4 boobs.
Girl, you need a bigger bra, that quadriboob is awful.
by gg May 13, 2004

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exactly as the man says, "bunse" => "earner" => "dollar"

to the prick who didn't understand it and wanted it removed via quality control, take your head out of your fat arse and realise that English is also spoken in (amongst other places outside the US) England, where the language could arguably be said to have come from ;)

..and cockney rhyming slang is vast enough to fill this tedious website on its own. Up yours ya merchant banker.
Pint of Nelson please mate (Nelson Mandela -> Stella -> Artois)
by GG July 09, 2004

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One who is not particularly intelligent who occupies chat rooms or posts in forums who constantly takes intellectual bait and runs wild with it like a mindless idiot.
BlackAngel is such trollbait
by GG January 28, 2004

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