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someone who, contrary to all available evidence, believes that he/she is well liked or popular
Despite the angry sighs and unpleasant comments, the pronoid speaker continued with his lecture.
by Camille Atwood January 12, 2004
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Characterized by the delusional belief that the world is out to help you.
That pronoid dude set me straight ... he assured me that there are no conspiracies ... People NEVER work together in secret to do bad things.

Man, you are suffering from intense pronoid delusions ... You need to listen to Alex Jones !!
by Tursiop June 05, 2013
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The belief that the world is conspiring for you; or, the opposite of paranoid.
Bob: Dude, this morning I found 10 bucks on the sidewalk, my classes got cancelled, and the milf that I hitchhiked home with made out with me. I'm beginning to get pronoid.
by benJAMin42 April 24, 2008
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Person who believe that something or someone proacts for him/her, despite a current situation.
'I can walk trought war without harm'
by Charlie Skooppi January 13, 2004
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