1. A misspelling of the word "porn" (short for pornography). Often seen in search engine histories.

2. A popular euphamism for porn, often seen used by wannabe hackers and script kiddies who have to use "1337speak" in order to seem cool. Became popular after the search-engine typo became more common.
In 1997:
Searching for "pron"....
Returned 0 results.

In 2003:
Searching for "pron"
Returned 335,000 results.
by Sauron August 10, 2003
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1337 way of spelling PORN. Considered to be stupid to do so, but it has it's good uses. You don't want your company internet gateway keepers to arrest you for clicking an article on a tech site that happens to be about profits/losses or abuses when it comes to porn sites and the like.
PR0N industry not suffering the dot com hype collapse.
by Jazeker August 07, 2003
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An object of Technology that is so sleek and sexy it makes the person lust after it.
Porn for Nerds, Geeks, Dorks who look at Electronics rather than Naked women.
1. "Let's get online to look at Pron from the C.E.S. Expo!"
2. "Did you see that new Phone, it's pure Pron!"
by Beldrake February 10, 2010
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Porn in which members of the Jewish faith engage in sexual intercourse and erotic foreplay with cattle.
Guy:What you looking at? Guy2:PRON Guy:Ew thats sick! Guy2's mom:(Walks in) Oh my God! What is that guy doing to that cow? Guy:Bad things! Its PRON!
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(Usenet, IRC) Pornography. Originally this referred only to Internet porn but since then it has expanded to refer to just about anything. The term comes from the warez kiddies tendency to replace letters with numbers. At some point on IRC someone mistyped, swapped the middle two letters, and the name stuck, then propagated over into mainstream hacker usage.
"Man, Jason told me his mom found his stash of pr0n on his computer! That's gotta suck!"
by illEATurHARTout April 12, 2004
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a typo for porn but also used as a "codename" for at such places as: work, school, etc...
hey, dude can i borrow some pron from you on tuesday?
by chode norris February 12, 2008
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