A dungeon is one of the primary tropes in D&D(Dungeons & Dragons). In RPG terminology it is a closed environment usually having many enemies and treasure. Any respectable dungeon should have at least 8-10 levels with at least 50-100 rooms per level as a minimum. If a dungeon is smaller than this it is a mini-dungeon.
Exploring a dungeon in D&D(Dungeons & Dragons) is fun at an extreme level, providing that you have a good referee.
Often called "The Dungeon" or "The Dungeons" n. The underground of hip hop; the lesser known, alternative side of hip hop in which many rap artist begin their careers.
"Straight out the fuckin' Dungeons of rap, where fake niggas don't make it back" - NaS, "N.Y. State of Mind"

"It's that nigga down in the Dungeon with them playeristic hits" "Ain't no thang but a chicken wing, we havin a smoke down in the Dungeon with the Mary Jane" - OutKast "Ain't No Thang"
by Jam Master J March 28, 2006
One of Jagex's latest attempt to make their game Runescape seem more like World of Warcraft.
In Jagex's attempt to fail even more like wow, they introduced Dungeoneering to Runescape
by 2much 3time April 12, 2010
In RPG terminology, a closed environment, usually full of enemies and loot. Caves and ruins are among the most common forms. In some less open-ended games, outdoors environments might be considered dungeons as well.
This cave is one of the most dangerous dungeons in the game.
by Sniper4 June 19, 2005
To be severely brain-dead while sitting in a residence that can be considered a dungeon.
We were so dungeonized after we did drugs and sat on your couch for 12 hours.
by RealChickenJoe September 15, 2011
Originated from Philadelphia and suburbs. It means to "Be Done" or "Over with". If someone says "Its dungeons for you" that means your in big trouble for whats to come.
"It be dungeons (or dunbunz) for the bol." Synonym: "Dunbunz"

Man yo he picked a fight with the huge bol from the club. After that it was straight dungeons (or dunbunz) for my dude Mike.
by Hdiz September 4, 2012
John Hinkley nakedly lives in his parents dungeon where his dragon can roam freely.
by authOOr June 18, 2006