Maddison’s tend to be beautiful, with astonishing eyes and a amazing smile. Maddison’s are loyal, trustworthy and amazing all in one. If you know a Maddison, well, your in luck, she will look after you like a brother/sister and will always keep you happy Chappy.
Maddison’s tend to be shy, but still like to meet new people.
Maddison’s are awesome

Maddison’s are beautiful
by Unknown-friend-of-a-dictionary October 12, 2017
A beautiful girl that is sweet, caring, friendly, and quite intelligent and humorous, you would be lucky to have a Maddison in your life
Omg Maddison is hilarious!
by Unknownish July 24, 2017
A Maddison is a beautiful girls who likes to chase boys around. She has a huge personality. Occasionally, she can be very mischievous but her best friends whose names usually start with an E and an A ignore that fact as she treats them like sisters/brothers. She is the prettiest girl you will ever meet but she isn't into the big girly stuff. She mostly enjoys running around and just having fun with her bffs.
"Hey! Maddison likes you."
"Omg! I say yes she is so stunning and kind"
by Ilikemybestfriends March 26, 2019
An extremely intelligent brunette, who values her education more than boys. Maddison appreciates nature and loves animals. A performer, who always wants to be front and center, as the star of the show. Maddisons tend to be talented actresses and dancers and committed to school. She stands up for what she believes is right. Maddison is always looking to please others (whom she looks up to). Maddisons are talkative, fun, sensitive, gorgeous, loyal friends, nice, intuitive, determined, strong-willed, persistent, loving, creative, smart, and natural leaders.
Maddison is a great friend, she's always there for me.
Maddison always gets the highest grade.
Maddison always gets the lead roles.
by Noel96 March 26, 2011
Maddison is a curvy dirty blonde with a big ass. She is also really tan. If you piss her off she will kick your ass. She is usually attracted to guys named Sam or Samuel. She hangs out with the guys and plays sports, mostly football.

She is athletic and extremely sexy. She has the hottest body imaginable and gets all the guys . All the guys try to get with her. She would never date a douche, and if anyone ever cheated on her she would fucking kill them.
She is very sassy and fierce . No one messes with her and if they do she will mess them up. She swears a ton and is very manly but still feminine. When she is dating someone she showers them with pda. She loves cuddles and hugs. She is gorgeous and unforgettable. Once you have a Maddison in your life never let her go.
by Alexander ross karen June 18, 2017
One of the nicest people you are ever going to meet i have a big crush on one and i always want to be nice around her and i hope she will like me back sometime - Wyatt
by meboy125 December 14, 2017
A beautiful girl that is sweet, caring, friendly, and quite intelligent and humorous, you would be lucky to have a Maddison in your life. Maddison is the popular one she is loved by everyone and all the boys are after her. Maddison is a brunette with green eyes and she is quite small
I love Maddison

I called dibs
by The small one July 21, 2018