To make and break; to say and not do
Babe I promise I'll call (3 days later...)
by soccer_blondie July 23, 2005
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something that people make to comfort another person.
is only kept in a 2 state radius other wise promise is canceled and no longer exists.
by Jill Collinson January 29, 2011
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A word one says to another, usually used when two people are referring to something homosexual. Most of the time "Promise" is used in a joking matter, unless your friend is a faggot.
Mike: Joe, Can I lick your asshole?
Joe: Promise?
Mike. Chia scott.
by Jailbait October 26, 2007
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A phrase sneaky assholes use to cheat themselves out of promises, however, they haven't read this and don't realise they must keep their 'Prom Ise'.
Person 1: I prom ise to do this thing as long as you do this other thing. *Person 2 does the other thing then asks for the first person to follow up on their side*Person 1: No.
by theworldlasa January 14, 2018
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