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The drama created and associated with prom.
On top of finding a dress and cute shoes, I have to put up with all the proma that my group creates.
by Romeo14 May 12, 2006
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Drama over prom
"OMG is rebecca going with Mike while shes dating Josh? she is suuuuch a slut!!!!"

"Bitch, I don't need no proma!"
by JeremyISnear April 23, 2010
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The drama that precedes, surrounds and follows the night of Prom at one's local high school.
There is so much proma because Mary just dumped her boyfriend so that she could ride in the better limo.
by cdempsey April 09, 2007
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Otherwise known as "prom drama." Very dangerous and common around the end of the senior year of high school.
Veronica: OMG, I cannot believe Austin is going with Steph. There is so much proma this year.

Lindsay; I know. She's totally gonna put out afterwards.
by seandaman May 01, 2008
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Drama pertaining to Prom among highschoolers, usually Juniors and Seniors. "Proma" can be can be about a variety of topics including but not limited to: Finding a date, turning down a date, saying yes to a date just to be "nice", deciding who will be included in the limo, and having an after party.
Katie: I think he's gonna ask me but i just don't know! I hope not i would totally turn him down. I want to go with the perfect date! Someone hinted he was gonna ask me but what if he changes his mind?

Nikki: Geez you just have so much Proma! Just say yes!
by Bradsonfire May 16, 2010
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Drama caused by or pertaining to the planning of prom, the people in a prom group, the prom dance itself, or the prom after party. Pretty much any drama caused by prom
"Dude its prom season. There's bound to be some proma coming our way."
by adsmith2099 May 14, 2009
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drama that occurs as a result of prom related occurrences (finding a group to go with, renting a limo, picking a restaurant, being on court, buying a dress, picking colors to match, choosing dates, deciding on an afterparty/other event)

etymology: the combination of the words "prom" and "drama"

prom + drama = proma
Agatha: OMG Tina! Are you going to prom???

Tina: Idk anymore. There's too much proma to deal with.
by Proma queen May 25, 2009
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