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Compound word - party with a few intimate associates taking place after the main party, usually in a different location but peripherally related to the main party.
'Sup, Chavez, u know where da afterparty be. Yeah, when Monique be done DJing, she have it in her loft.
by Safran May 07, 2003
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Generally coming from Hollywood slang for a better, more fun party, occurring after another, more boring, party.
May also be used to describe activity that occurs after the club/bar scene is closed for the night.
"Seriously hate these work-related shin-digs."
"Don't worry. There's a kick-ass after party at Kate's. We just have to lose the big-wigs."

"Why do the clubs close at two?"
"S'all right- after party at Tom's- just stick w/ me."
by Amarie23153 May 18, 2008
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Usually a bunch of people congregating in a stranger's house after a real party or rave ends (or gets busted). Sometimes there's more music and booze, but it mostly consists of random people in corners coming down off of some good rolls, or having sexual encounters in the single dingy bathroom.
"Dude, we can't make the four hour drive back to Detriot while the road's spinning like this, we outta find an afterparty and cool down".
by Zippy Crash January 06, 2009
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A party after a party, a party when girls and guys get naughty and have drugs.
Welcome to the after party, hope that you feelin naughty, I'm leaving here with somebody, so you got me like WHOA WHOA WHOA
by Nabeel & Asim July 17, 2004
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All back to mine!
Post clubbing / party piss-up at a separate location, but involving at least some of those involved in the initial party.
All back to mine for the afterparty!?!
by therealrichieedwards June 02, 2004
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1. (n.) Literally a party which takes place after another party or event. the gravity of the afterparty varies from a small get together to a full blow out.

2. (n.) the feeling that takes place after a solid night of perfect party. you did things you should regret but definitely don't. nothing can touch you. pure party high. also known as the 'afterparty glow'

3. (n.) the scent someone has hours after or the next morning after partying hard. everyone has their own, but it is characterize by the distinctive, feint odor of stale booz and something sweet. can be good or bad.
1. "what are you doing later tonight after the show""
"after the show is the afterparty."
"and after that?"
"after the party, it's the hotel lobby"

2."why you smiling so much?"
"ahh, the afterparty hasn't worn off, i still can't believe last night happened."

3. "why are you smelling your shirt?"
"stacy was wearing it all morning. she's got the sweetest afterparty."
by racyea August 19, 2011
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