acronym for People Relying On Just Enough Cash To Survive
by 5hole December 08, 2003
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A fucking nightmare when teachers want to know your how smart you are and make you shove money up your ass to buy supplies because your school is broke as fuck. Then the whole entire week you remember you had to do a project and you say “tomorrow I’ll do it” then you wake up for school the day it is due and you are like “oh shit the project! The teacher will rape my report card!” And have the teacher scream at you because you didn’t do it.
Yo you did the project?

Lmao fuck no fucking nerd
by Dat_Boi33 February 14, 2018
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synonyms: the p.j.s, govm't housin

Low income housing for ghetto ass people.
Craig and little Ray Ray grew up in the Fort Green Projects.
by B April 15, 2004
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One of the types of housing desired by American blacks; the other is prison. Some blacks prefer projects because, since most of the women are grandmothers by age 35, it allows their families to be close together. Other blacks prefer prison, because their meals are served to them and there's prevalent violent, anal sex which black men particularly enjoy.
Jaquon is investigating suitable housing, and has lived in both the projects and prison.
by Hou Sing July 14, 2008
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noun. The person that one wants to get with. Often used by those who want to sound cool but also use the word chill. In every sentence.
"dude how's the project going?"
"it's pretty chillin' man, we'll be hookin up by tommorrow night"
by M00n Pr0ject October 16, 2006
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A structured set of activities with a specific objective and a predetermined deadline.
"I want to borrow John for six weeks to work on my project."
by Sashanan September 11, 2003
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check it out the projects is jus a nickname for a section of a city that hosts section 8 housing. porjects do normally have pimps, hustlers, gangbangers, and no police, but sometimes this aint true. chicago, l.a, detorit, atl, philly, etc, will never ever b real projects or cities, because ny ny will remain number one for all time. (the city that never sleeps naturally never will)
most ppl think that chicago, atlanta, detroit, los angeles, memphis, nashville, HOUSTON COUGH PAUL WALL and st louis are hard, but they are nuthing, compared to the city, and if u dont no which city im talkin about, THE CITY is good enough for u.
by t.f.o [tha forgotten one] August 14, 2005
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