A prison for the innocent infested with criminals and the problems they cause.
The feds forced Omaha to tear down the north Omaha projects. The rats that lived there are now destroying someone else's neighborhood,
by benth August 07, 2008
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1. An area where everyone is broke and has no money, needs to survive on welfare and Medicaid, yet strangely has enough money to buy a TV set larger than the biggest wall in your house with a sound system to match.
2. A place that smells like piss, cheap alcohol, and unidentified cooking that smells like onion soup mix doused with farts.
3. Where you want to drop off those annoying middle class gangsta wannabe's at the mall for a couple of hours.
1. Yeah, he's broke, lives in the projects, got no job, is on welfare and gets food stamps, but I swear he's got an IMAX theatre in his place.
2. Hmmm, I smell urine, Steel Reserve, and someone's cooking that would cause Rosie O'Donnell to turn her nose up. I must be in the projects.
3. "Yo, lets grab that 'straight ass thug' Trevor and Brett over there and drop them off in the projects for an hour and watch their asses get jumped."
by nyc14gauge September 02, 2008
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Poor Housing in the inner city ocupied by gangstas and poor people,citys such as atlanta,chicago,newyork philidelphia and......more
Man growing up in the projects was tuff, i was always getting my ass kicked out there,but i made it throught.
by NO-IT-All March 29, 2003
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The projects are a place where black people are born, raised, and eventually killed.
They built a hospital near the projects because black people are always getting shot and stabbed there. Sadly, the black people all broke in and stole the drugs so they had to destroy the place.
by Bloodbath 87 March 07, 2009
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A cluster of low rent apartments. The projects are known for being rough and rugged. ALl projects have a certain serial number ex Project # 234423455. This is where the term "projects" come from. Projects can be found EVERYWHERE.
I lived in the projects until i turned 20 then i moved out.
by Trevor Hoffler August 12, 2005
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a evil thing to make good students do given by evil teachers. it wastes time and never learns anything.
Joe: do we have to do this project?
Teacher: yes, do it.
Joe: i won't learn anything.
Teacher: okay, don't do it.
by Alex Kelley May 29, 2008
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