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1. a continuously rescheduled date or appointment (often, intentionally resulting in cancellation)


2. to avoid going out with someone until they stop asking.
1. After rescheduling five time, I finally realized it was a procrastidate.

2. She'll procrastidate for weeks sometimes.
by qnix February 06, 2006
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When you keep arranging dates with potential partners in order to avoid doing work.
Person 1: Where's Mat?
Person 2: I think he scheduled a date tonight.
Person 1: what? he's got work to do?!?! and he's not even started? he's Procrastidating again...
by stakzent November 16, 2015
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When you thought someone was cool so you started dating them, but after the first date they are crazy but you don't want to be rude so you keep pushing off a second date until they aren't interested anymore.
Person 1: How'd the date go?
Person 2: Horribly, I think I'm going to procrastidate until she ignores me.
by Ultimas aka Slyler December 21, 2015
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