6 definitions by Siouxise Eileen

When you're supposed to tidy up your apartment, but you just hide the mess in your closet or bedroom.
I'm supposed to have company in twenty minutes and the place is a mess..time to hidy up!
by Siouxise Eileen November 17, 2022
to put off dating simply because you like being single so much
I've been divorced for six years now and I'm still single. There's plenty of guys out there, I just enjoy single life too much. I'm procrastidating.
by Siouxise Eileen November 22, 2022
A conversation with an upset, or ADHD friend, is like a conversation roller coaster or convercoaster.
Him: Anybody ever tell you when you have a conversation, you are all over the place? I'm trying to stay on task here..
Me: Yes, all the time. I call it a convercoaster!
by Siouxise Eileen November 17, 2022
A person who ruins all the fun in your life. They seem to know when you're having a good time - and they ruin it.
Me: fundar is calling again. She's got fun radar and always ruins it!
by Siouxise Eileen October 18, 2022
When you work for a corporation that treats you no better than a serf in the Middle Ages, it is corporate serfdom.
My boss is a witch - I swear if I had cancer, I'd still have to work. It's corporate serfdom!
by Siouxise Eileen November 19, 2022
Instead of Big Brother, Big Mother is a dystopian future where computers do everything for you, including wash and vacuum your floors, order groceries, even picks out dates for you.
Instead of being frightened by Big Brother, you should be frightened by Big Mother, a creepy robotic future that is almost here.
by Siouxise Eileen November 17, 2022