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being in favor of barack obama for president.
man! I had no idea iowa was so probama
by dave gulbis January 03, 2008
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A news article, comment or person that is dedicated to the worship of President Obama.
That 60 minutes episode was Probama; it said that Obama was responsible for everything--even the great weather today.
by breehottie March 28, 2009
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In accordance with or general favor of Barack Obama, specifically with regard to elections, policies, and general views.
- While Florida seemed to be politically "on the fence" for awhile, the probama Democratic citizens eventually prevailed.
by LevittP November 04, 2008
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A word describing a supporter of Barack Obama for president, or any other office or the act of being for Obama.
I was originally going to vote for Hillary, but once she lost the primary I went PrObama, I figured anything is better than four more years of a Republican presidency.


I've been PrObama since he spoke at the DNC four years ago. I know he can change the country for good.
by MFlem September 18, 2008
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Being completely in favor Of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States, with complete disdain for everything "Palin."
I am Probama, I am Pro American-Survival.
by Nick DeMarco October 17, 2008
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To be Pro Obama. Sometimes taken to a gross fan girl based extent.
My Aunt is so ProBama, that she got his face tattooed on her back, next to her Jessica Rabbit Ink.
by Justice S. Erved February 07, 2010
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Lacking the ability to think for oneself. A condition brought about by extended exposure to media propaganda resulting in a conditioned state of acceptance without prior rational qualification.

Accepting a promise of "Change" without first qualifying the specifics of the touted "changes" to determine desirability.
"Hey did you see that youtube video at the Obama rally? "None of those Probama sheeple could name one change he promised."
by the79bomb October 07, 2009
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