A Russian greeting equivalent to "hellO' in English and "hola" in Spanish
"Hey man, privet!"
by RussianDudster August 20, 2003
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russian polite slang word, meaning: hi
husband: privet!
wife: told ya, no hello-s!!! just aliments!!!
by iie July 30, 2009
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Small to large sized evergreen tree, to 10 m high, sometimes a dense shrub. Shoots hairless. Leaves oval, glossy 50-130mm x 30-60mm. Long panicles of small cream-coloured fragrant flowers, Nov-Mar. Fruit to 6 x 5 mm, bluish or purplish-black. This is the largest of the privets in NZ and unclipped trees become wide spreading and reach c.14 m.
The Privet tree is greatly appreciated alongside
by kmmbvnr April 11, 2008
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From Russian is translated exactly as "Hi!".
Used in the same manor.
1. Yo, dude!
2. Privet!
by Just4Me2BeMyself January 12, 2009
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Not really an urban word or used in the hip hop scene but it means Hello.
yo, privet ... dude!!!!!!
by Jessica February 20, 2005
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Privet! Ya Carolina! Kak dela? (English: Hi! I'm Carolina! How are you?)
by Aysela November 25, 2022
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The result of hacking a hedge into a minge like structure using phallic topiery skills.

Can also be the terminology of a lady's thick chuff hair being so dense that it forms a defensive jizz barrier.
"Her fanny privet was so thick it could have thatched Shakespeare's roof"
by Jack Jismouth August 1, 2009
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