Janelle is a loving , caring , beautiful friend. She has a sense of humor that is off the charts. She will care about you when your down or hurt. She will be right there for you when you need her. It’s easy to find a Janelle , but hard to let go of one. If you have a Janelle in your life, make sure she doesn’t leave. She is the definition of power woman !
“Janelle is so caring ! I wish we can be friends for ever”
by Big meme dad February 6, 2019
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Janelle is one of the most beautiful girl in the world, but she just doesnt know it! She is very humble & kind. A lot of boys thinks she is mean at first but when they get to know her she is amazing. Some guys even fall for her! She is sooooooo pretty & a great friend to have. She is a good listener.
Guy: UHHH....hey Janelle(scared*)
Janelle: Oh Hey! You wanna join us?
Guy: No it's fine. I just came to say hi.
Janelle: Oh well if you need anything just ask,ok?
Guy:Oh yea,uh,ok!(walks to his friends*)GUYS IM FALLING FOR HER!!!!
by Janutella December 4, 2016
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She is amazing, caring , very talkative, will always keep you entertained and best of all she's the most beautiful girl in the world. All of the boys want to date her beacause of her beauty and personality. As soon as you meet Janelle you will amidiately want to be her BFF. She also LOVES to read so as a present for this beautifully enchanted girl, get her the best book she will ever read. If the Janelle you meet isn't so beautiful on the outside, once you get to know her you'll see her in a different way. Her skin will glow right in front of your eyes, her eyes will shimmer in there beautiful brown shade and her hair is so beautiful.
" I want to be just like Janelle "
" yeah did you see how she looked at me?"😍
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Janelle's are amazing, beautiful, strong, girls who are awesome and are very sociable. They are good friends and passionate and amazing lovers. You can not love a Janelle because they are simply awesome. Plus they are very loyal and no matter what they will always be there for you.
That girl is Janelle!
Otherwise used as amazing.
by Morit70 April 25, 2016
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A small adorable creature who is also tough
“Don’t be deceived by Janelle’s cute exterior. She’s a badass on the inside”
by fkenmike April 3, 2018
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Janelle is the text-book definition of a perfect person. Janelle's personality, looks, and sense of humor are off the charts. If you're ever down, having a rough day, or even just need someone to talk to, Janelle is always there, and you can always count on her to say the right thing. Janelle may be unaware, but she has had such a positive impact on many people in her life and she only deserves the best. Janelle does not like the word "love" because it's too strong of a word. But regardless. I love you.
How am I even in the same car as Janelle.

Looking as good as Janelle is illegal.
by Ethan ♥ October 12, 2020
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A tall girl that has long hair and is very sweet. She can be very crazy at times, but is mostly happy. Another thing is that she can become easily angry or depressed, so be gentle. She also is very nice and an absolute great friend. She should be kept for as long as possible.
Also, a Janelle can become negative if neglected as a friend. She will most likely not want to talk to you for a while, but she will eventually come around.
Common nick-names are Nelly, Jan, and Nel. This name is MOST COMMONLY a girl name.
Another thing is that most Janelle's have glasses or contacts. They most likely have terrible eyesite, but can joke about it easily.
"See that girl over there? She most definetly is a Janelle."
"Really? She must be nice then."
by AlexandriaLovesYou December 23, 2011
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