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The recap segments which preface episodes of many television serials to remind the viewer what happened in previous episodes. Often accompanied by an announcer or on-screen message that says, e.g., "Previously on Lost."
"Oh man, I was late for Lost and missed the previouslies!"
by J. Running February 19, 2009
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you used to be great
playing in background at dive bar: glory days they will pass you by glory days...
drunk guy at bar: yeah i lost a few in the midst of the cornucopia I guess... being captain of the football team it was like that man. understandably they all wanted me
woman in ear shot: previously
via giphy
by williet hughnot December 19, 2019
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Before now.

Several things have happened previously, including the second world war and unidentified drinking injuries.

No-one can prevent things that happened previously.
"Children should learn about things that happened previously."

"I previously had a job."

"Previously to you, I had another wife."
by Jamie Douglas November 20, 2006
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