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1.the period of time between graduating college and the beginning of your career
1."enjoy your pretirement while it lasts because its the only break you'll get until retirement"
by laundromatt00 September 09, 2009
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The employment status of one who has been forced for the first time into unemployment due to the economic downturn of a company or, furthermore, a global recession. With no previous experience with the hardships of being unemployed, pretirees might be be prone to making light of their situation by considering themselves "retired". However, as they are not at a stage in life in which they are financially prepared to actually make that move, they must accept the fact that they will at some point be back in the work force.
"Did you hear Steve got tossed out on to the street from a job for the first time in his life? His position was replaced by a robotic arm.. so now he's got to face the world ofunemployment. He's not down, though! He can spend more time with his family and look around for the first stable job in all the years he's been in the labor force. He's been working so hard his whole life, so I guess he deserves some time off. He can't quite retire just yet.. so consider this his pretirement!"
by big-ernest September 10, 2009
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