1. front of a building
2. deceptive appearance
mr. K-Y has a civil façade but is actually very rude inside.
by it is not your business July 3, 2019
A false or fake exterior to something. Usually made out of a shit stained substance. Used to make subject look better or of higher quality when really it isn’t. Typically used for superficial purposes.
Wow Gary, the outside of that home looks so magnificent, but once you pass through the front door, you can you see how much of a piece of shit façade it really was.
by TrippleJ July 23, 2018
Façade is a game from Playabl Studios but got built at their previous dev studio, Procedural Arts. The released year was 2005, It has a AI controlling the other characters, Trip and Grace. This pleasant gathering, however, is somewhat damaged by the clear domestic confrontation between Grace and Trip upon the player's entry. You can try helping them, or get kicked out. If you type the word "melon" Trip will kick you out or the game will crash. Vinesauce has played it.
Person 1: "What game do you like?"
Person 2: "Façade."
by YourClownMan123 February 12, 2022
When a teacher acts nice and laughs all the time on the first day and then you hear from sources he's actually very mean
Tracey: OMG! Our teacher is so cool!
Paige: No he isn't! I heard it's just a first day façade!
by Mislead student February 5, 2014
Someone who refuses to be admit he/she is wrong or

Someone who is pretending to be cool just to fit in
Guy1: Yo Guy3, have you seen what Guy2 has been doing?
Guy3: Yeah, Hes Such a Radical Façade
Girl: Casts Does have toxic spit
Guy: no,
Girl: its so true just look it up and eat it if you dare
Guy: no, how would that benefit the cats?
Girl: Duhh
Guy: Oh god please stop beeing a Radical Façade
Girl: ... Okey... You win...
by Xylpho Griffin June 9, 2017