A sausage fest. Penis-palooza. An event or crowd that promises to be full of attractive women, but turns out to be nothing but a bunch of horny men standing around.

The website for having affairs with married people, Ashley Madison, was found to mostly be comprised of desperate men, with fake profiles for women to lure them in.

Ashley Madison is now abusing the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to try and remove the evidence of that and the massive leak of usernames, invoking the Streisand effect.
"That beach party was a huge Ashley Madison; there wasn't enough booze to make up for the lack of bikini babes."
by allergic_to_myself August 27, 2015
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A syndrome in which two girls spend copious amounts of time trolling the pages of Ashley Madison dot com under fake profiles containing photographs stolen off the internet (usually from the Facebook pages of beautiful, hot bodied women). While doing so, they taunt, terrorize and insult their victims with catch phrases and verbiage taken from the "greek sex" section of Urban Dictionary, while simultaneously bringing them to cyber orgasm. Symptoms include: ordering massive amounts of take out, not showering, gaining 6-8 pounds, not getting dressed or brushing teeth/ hair, laughing till stomach hurts, farting, channel surfing and drinking alcohol (all kinds).
After receiving a DUI on Thanksgiving weekend, Janice and Sarah decided to stay at home and soon developed a chronic affliction doctors could only determine to be Ashley Madison Syndrome.
by Superpumpers November 27, 2011
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